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M3 SM15 – мобилен компютър с Android и подсилен дизайн

SM15 Спецификации:

  • Android 8.1 GMS / 10 GMS;
  • 2.2GHz Octacore CPU;
  • Extended Battery 6,150mAh;
  • 1D / 2D scanner;
  • 5″ full touch FHD IPS (Gorilla Glass 3);
  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/e/h/i/k/r/w;
  • IP67 Sealing(with protective boot), 1.8m Drop;
  • GMS (with Android Enterprise) or non-GMS;

Вариации на модела:

SM15X – най-високо ниво на представяне, удароустойчив подсилен дизайн и Full HD дисплей

SM15N – стандартен подсилен модел с увеличена памет

SM15W – подсилен модел, който поддържа Wi-Fi Only

Мобилен компютър M3 Mobile SM15 снимка за корица
Android 8.1 / 10 with GMS (support Android Enterprise)
The optimized Android 8.1 platform enhances battery usage times.
The powerful multi-task function improves speed.
2.0GHz Octa-core
M3 SM15 has a 2.0GHz 8 core AP, 46% faster than other processors.
HD (High Definition Display), High Sensitivity Touch
High capacity processing improves your business reliability
M3 SM15 series has a high sensitivity touch panel which enables use with gloves and even in the wet.
1D, 2D Scanner
Superior scanner/imager application provides real-time data capture and automatic data processing so that you can expect flexibility of work and cost-efficiency.
13M (rear) autofocus camera
High resolution and auto focused functionality capture clear images of the product and/or documentation.
Fast charging and High Capacity Battery
M3 SM15 series has a fast-charging function.
Full charge time is just 3 hours.
Slim & Light
M3 SM15 series is a slim and light but rugged PDA with an optional RFID reader. It can be used for ticketing and/or asset management wherever the mobile device is needed.
Endurance for temperature
M3 SM15 series can be operated within -20 degree to 60 degrees and its storage temperature is -30 degree to 80 degrees. It will guarantee the normal function at any temperature of the working environment.
1.8m drop / IP65 Sealing (with protective boot)
M3 SM15 series is suitable to use in a tough environment withstands drops from 1.8m and protects against dust and water.
User-centred design
The user-centred design combines with great performance to deliver into the harshest and hostile work environment’s.
Мобилен компютър M3 Mobile SM15 с подсилен удароустойчив дизайн
Мобилен компютър M3 Mobile SM15 аксесоари



M3 Mobile


– екскузивен, основен дистрибутор и представител на марката M3 Mobile за България и региона;

– официален и единствен сервиз за продуктите на M3 Mobile за България и региона;

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